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A Solid Choice For the Roof Over Your Head

There’s a new trend in upscale home building: Metal Roofing! Here’s why the trend is gaining momentum. Properly designed and installed metal roofs can last a lifetime, whether tile or panel. Benefits of metal don’t stop there. It is important to point out first and foremost that metal roofs are highly customizable, far more so than competing materials! The results of gathering data are in: Resale value of metal roofed houseswill be higher than others. Buyers will appreciate the aesthetics, reliability, and protection the metal… Read More »A Solid Choice For the Roof Over Your Head

Metal Roofing 101. New to metal roof and siding? Start here.

Commonly held belief: Metal roofing always costs significantly more than regular shingle roofing: Let’s take a look quickly into whether that’s really true or not. Although initially you will probably pay higher amount for metal roofing than you would with regular roofing material, in the long run metal roofing can potentially pay for the difference through energy and potential maintenance savings (major factors include the climate, the surroundings of the house such as trees, and many other factors), as well as resale value. It is… Read More »Metal Roofing 101. New to metal roof and siding? Start here.

Nail Strip shallow angle example rooftop from aerial a few feet off the roof

Metal: More customization, endurance, and beauty.

Get the job well done without breaking the bank! A homeowner can be easily misguided when deciding on a new roof. Not surprisingly, many contractors will simply sell you on asphalt shingles. “It’s the best bang for your buck”, meaning it’s cheap. The fact that they’re so willing to give you their cheapest option may persuade you to their side, and that would be understandable. Nevertheless, choosing what kind of roof you’re putting over your head is a major decision. We’d encourage you to think… Read More »Metal: More customization, endurance, and beauty.