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Siding, Canopies, and Structural Steel

Aside from metal roofing, we also offer metal design and installation of other structural components. These include siding, canopies/gazebos and other no-walled structures, as well as structural steel for buildings.

Pick between corrugated (folded) metal siding, vertical siding panels and horizontal siding panels. These come in the materials you would expect: steel, copper, aluminum. Opt for a modern look with the current favorites of either 7.2 Structural panels, the 6025 Structural Box Rib panels or Ultra Batten panels.

Some recent :

Going for a more rustic look? Painting your metal siding browns and tans can give a ‘western appeal’ to your building. Exposed, galvanized steel has a beautiful aesthetic for some, even the oxidized rusty look is a beautiful option for many, given the knowledge that thick steel can last centuries without sealants. Even oxidized copper is making a niche category for some who want the classic look. Choose between exposed or hidden fasteners and more- your personal preference dictates.

Corrugated metal is an old-time favorite. Modern options retain durability and strength, and they come in more thickness options than ever. As you would expect, thickness plays a role in strength, up to 7/8″. Depending on your needs, budget, and expectations for the future, 1/4″ may more than suffice.

Practically all types of modern corrugated siding are stronger than ever, using modern industrial technology and alloys for superior durability and structural rigidity. You can also optionally choose to forego the paint job when you choose a panel available in your desired color. Many panels are guaranteed for decades against the elements. Metal canopies, garages, and gazebos: It doesn’t need walls to have a metal roof! If your building has a need for a roof, metal is almost certainly an option. Nearly all options are on the table for your gazebo or canopy as far as materials go.

Metal tiles

Structural steel: You’ll certainly want to reach out to us to discuss your options for structural steel in your project. We can certainly be the best choice for your needs, depending on your building!

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