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Roofing Services: Inspections, repairs, and more

Inspections: We at Lawrence Roofing can inspect your building for issues prior to certification by appointment. Reach out today to us to see when we can come by and look.

Repairs: Lawrence Roofing can repair your roof to good as new. We offer a limited warranty on all our projects. More information available by request.

Other services and installations: Covering everything above your head, literally: The ‘bibs and bobs’, the vents, flashings, copings and other pieces on your roof that you may not even be familiar with the purpose of. We can fill in the gaps in your knowledge as well as work on the extras on your roof that serve vital functions to either structure or HVAC. It’s critical to maintain your roof to defend your structure from the elements and time.

We’ll also come out provide you with a free diagnostic and quote for your roof.

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