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√ Installs easily over solid decking with felt or synthetic felt underlayment.
√ Continuous rib lines can run over changes of pitch giving dramatic shadowed look.
√ Batten caps snaps positively over con- cealed anchor clips for fast installation.
√ Can be used for vertical or inclined appli- cations down to a slope of 3/12 making it ideal for roof, fascia, mansard or soffit applications.
√ Also Available in 16 oz or 20 oz copper, stainless steel, 24ga or 26ga Painted, galvanized or bonderized finish.

Narrow Batten

Product DescriptionThe Narrow Batten panel is non-structural, architectural panel designed for flexibility and styled after the old style hand seamed look. The net coverage is variable and usually ranges from 14.5� to 22.5�. The Narrow Batten is de-signed to be applied over a solid deck, and can be arched positively or negatively.
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