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Timothy K

How can a metal roof save you money on electricity? This is how:

Energy Savings also contribute to help make up the initial cost Did you know that a metal roof can greatly decrease your air conditioning bill during the hot months of summer? One of the two significant energy-saving features of metal roofing is that metal has higher reflectivity (albedo) properties, which allow it to reflect the heat radiation away from your roof, keeping your house cool and your energy bill low. The other energy-saving advantage is by helping to reduce the heat soak of an attic… Read More »How can a metal roof save you money on electricity? This is how:

Coping for Metal Roofing

Painted Steel, Galvanized Steel, Copper, & Stainless Variety of shapes and sizes available Custom Coping, Great for:•Rake trim•Eave trim•Gutter base•Parapet caps

Snap Lock Panels

Integrated clip system eliminates unnecessary roofpenetrations Optional minor ribs to reduce the effects of ‘oil canning’Available in a variety of colors 24 ‘High solar reflectance’ colors available for increasedenergy efficiency▪ Easy to install panelsSnap-Lock panels keep the seamwell above the water runoff.During any expansion orcontraction stages, the seam canshift without altering itsweatherproofing quality orstructural characteristics.Long lasting Can be installed directly over existingcomposition, eliminating the cost of tear off andallowing for problem free installation during therainy season. Panels hide all screws and fasteners for a cleanfinish.… Read More »Snap Lock Panels

Narrow Batten Panels

The Narrow Batten panel is a non-structural, architectural panel designed for flexibility and styled after the old style hand seamed look. The net coverage is variable and usually ranges from 14.5” to 22.5”. The Narrow Batten is designed to be applied over a solid deck, and can be arched outward or inward. Installs easily over solid decking with felt or synthetic felt underlayment. Continuous rib lines can run over changes of pitch giving dramatic shadowed look. Batten caps snaps positively over concealed anchor clips for… Read More »Narrow Batten Panels

Patagonia Steel 16 inch (16″) Tiles

Attractive design: high profile edge Durable: Impact resistant, superior lifespan Lightweight: A fraction of the weight of slate or tile Available in 24GA Steel, with a variety of colors Also in Copper, Zinc, & Cor-ten

New panel close-up of clip lock metal roofing panels on a home with coping and flashing

Clip Lock Panels

Steel conforms to ASTM A-792 (Zincalume®) 40,000 psi minimum yield.Loads listed above are for “positive” loading only.All flat surfaces can display waviness called “oil canning”. This is an inherent characteristic of flat steel products , not a defect.Spans greater than 5’-0” do not have a UL90 rating but are acceptable under certain conditions. Clip-Lock is a performance–rated structural standing seam metal roof system with net coverage of 12” to 18”. Clip-Lock is excellent as a roof over metal or wood decking , and as a… Read More »Clip Lock Panels

Nail Strip Panel

Nail Strip panels keep the seam well above the water runoff. During any expansion or contraction stages, the seam can shift without altering its weatherproofing quality or structural characteristics. Integrated clip system eliminates unnecessary roof penetrations Optional minor ribs to reduce the effects of oil- canning Available in a variety of colors 24 Solar Reflectance colors available for increased energy efficiency Easy to install panels Self-cleaning Long lasting Can be installed directly over existing composition, eliminating the cost of tear off and allowing for problem… Read More »Nail Strip Panel


R-Panel is a durable and economical solutionfor long lasting steel siding or roofing.Ideal for boat & RV covers, garages,barns, storage sheds, storage buildingsand much more. PBR offers a net coverageof 36” to minimize costs, but featuresfour ribs for added structural integrity. Wide net coverage so you can get the most coverage for your money UL580 Class 90 – Uplift Test UL2218 – Class 4 Impact Resistance Durable industrial roofing panel Durable industrial siding panel Used on houses, garages, storage buildings and barns Minor ribs provide… Read More »R-panels