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Standing Seam Roof Panels: Uni II

These panels are deeply interlocking to keep the seam well above the water runoff. During any expansion or contraction stages, the seam can shift without altering its weatherproofing quality or structural characteristics.
Concealed clips secure directly to the roof structure, eliminating unnecessary roof penetrations. Each seam is mechanically crimped, producing a crisp, weather-tight roof.
The trim parts work integrally with the roof panels. Unique ridge cap connections compliment the roof line and efficiently weatherproof the structure.

Properly engineered for enduring time. UL 90 RATING!


Box batten appeal without the small parts hassle. This intelligently designed roof system works well on almost any deck. Ideal for shallow pitch, this standing seam panel is in use on structures with as little as ΒΌ:12 slope. A variety of metal types gauges and colors are available for the panels, flashings and gutter.